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Wound Care

West Feliciana Hospital Wound Care Center has been healing wounds in St. Francisville since 2005. This outpatient clinic was designed to treat patients with chronic wounds that have shown little or no signs of healing and offers advanced treatments, where only traditional methods were once available.

The staff of medical professionals includes RNs (board certified in wound care), Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians, all of whom have had extensive training in wound care and bring a comprehensive range of services to the community. Our goal is to significantly increase patients' wound healing rate and help avoid unnecessary amputations. The Wound Care Center is not only successful in healing 93% of the wounds it treats, but also is proven to decrease heal time. The clinic is managed by Louisiana Wound Care Specialists, which oversees 73 outpatient wound care centers across the South, including Our Lady of the Lakes' wound care center in Baton Rouge. The company provides West Feliciana Hospital with the "latest and greatest" wound care products, and aknowledgeable andexperiencedstaffto keep your family members close to home.


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