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CT Scans

Computed Tomography or CT scan is also known as a CAT (computerized axial tomography) scan. This unique examination combines the use of X-rays and a computer to produce clear, sharp pictures within your body. The ring-like structure of the scanner moves around your body, sending and receiving X-ray beams from around the circle. The images of your body are divided into slices, much like slices from a loaf of bread. 

With the CT scan, the radiologist is able to see bones and soft tissues within your body. This diagnostic tool provides a quicker, more accurate diagnosis of many medical conditions that are very difficult to detect with regular X-rays. 

 At West Feliciana Hospital, we are transforming technology with the Hitachi SCENERIA 128 Slice ultra low dose CT. The 128 Slice scanner has the most advanced clinical capabilities and unique features to provide a notable more comfortable experience for all patients, from pediatric, to oncological, to elderly. The 128 Slice offers:

         The lowest radiation exposure possible (Over 80% lower than current)

         The highest image quality and fastest scan times

         Cardiac imaging capabilities

         A large opening and wide, lateral shifting table

         Accommodations for patients up to 500 lbs. 

Our 128 Slice CT Scanner also keeps track of all the radiation exposure experienced by a patient within the West Feliciana Hospital Imaging Department. Ask your provider to schedule your CT today by calling 225-635-2443.


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