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3D Mammography

Patients who catch their breast cancer early are far more likely to survive, and we have partnered with Woman's to offer the most comprehensive detection tools.  

 What is a 3D mammogram

3D mammogram

3D mammography is a blend of current and new mammogram technology. This new technology, called breast tomosynthesis, involves the acquisition of more than 120 one-millimeter thin, 2D images of each breast. These images are then layered or "sliced” to create a three-dimensional view of the breast tissue.

Why choose a 3D mammogram

3D mammography produces clear, precise images that allow doctors to pinpoint the location of abnormalities with greater accuracy. The 3D mammogram may also find cancers that hide in dense breast tissue, resulting in fewer false negative studies. The frequency of call backs from routine screening mammograms is reduced when combined with 3D, thus decreasing patient anxiety. As with standard digital mammography, the radiation exposure remains low, and the increased time to perform a 3D mammogram is minimal.

Who should consider a 3D mammogram

West Feliciana Hospital and Woman’s strongly believes in 2D technology, monthly breast self exams and annual exams by healthcare providers for detecting breast changes. 3D mammography may be beneficial for women with a personal history or high risk of breast cancer, and for women with dense breast tissue.

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