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Emergency Medical Services

One of the most valued benefits we provide to the community is our Emergency Medical Services. If you or one of your loved ones experiences an emergency, we have two Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances staffed 24 hours. Two additional reserve ambulances are utilized as backup and staffed on an as needed basis. We also provide non-emergency ambulance transportation (for scheduled appointments) within the parish.

Since many emergency situations involve heart attacks or strokes, our ambulances are equipped to provide advanced cardiac care including the capability of sending information directly to the physician in the emergency room. This allows the doctors to assess the patient's condition and determine ahead of time the proper procedures for the best care. This capability also reduces the door-to-service time, which decreases the amount of damage caused by the heart attack or stroke, and greatly increases the quality of life the patient has in the future.

In addition to medical treatment and ambulance transport, the EMS Department offers a variety of programs to the public including: First Aid, CPR, ACLS, PALS, First Responder, EMT Courses, EMT refresher courses and EMT CEU classes. West Feliciana Parish Hospital EMS also provides medical standby services for special events in the community.


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