Our History

Doctors Philip and Mary Niebergall came to West Feliciana from New Orleans in 1948. Dr. Mary Niebergall was the mother of Dr. Alfred Gould, who remained an active medical staff member at the hospital until his retirement in 2006. The physician couple had a vision to establish a community hospital here, but that did not become a reality until years later.

In 1950 Dr. Frank P. DiLeo, a local dentist, was asked to head a committee to investigate the feasibility of building a hospital in West Feliciana Parish. The efforts stalled when Dr. DiLeo was drafted in the U.S. Army to serve in the Korean War as a dentist. Following his tour of duty, Dr. DiLeo established a practice in New Orleans, where he still resides.

West Feliciana Hospital Exterior SignIn 1957, Dr. Gould returned from medical school to West Feliciana Parish to form a partnership with his stepfather, Dr. Philip Niebergall. It was then that a renewed interest in the development of a community hospital surfaced. Mr. Jesse Bankston, Director of the Department of Hospitals for the state of Louisiana, assisted the Police Jury and other civic groups in conducting a survey to determine the feasibility of establishing a hospital here. However, the results of this study revealed that there were not enough financial resources for the development of the facility at that time.
As the parish continued to grow, efforts were renewed ten years later at which time the Police Jury requested a second survey by Mr. Bankston who was then a private hospital consultant. Based upon the results of Mr. Bankston's survey, the Police Jury decided to offer a proposal to the people to create a West Feliciana Parish Hospital District. Later, an affirmative vote by the people resulted in the parish establishing a community hospital.
Dr. Gould and Dr. Niebergall worked closely with Clifton Lasseigne, architects and various medical consultants to create a high-quality, efficient facility. Construction on the site began in 1969 and it opened on February 2, 1970. Today, West Feliciana Parish Hospital is a full-service, 23-bed acute care medical surgical hospital. Expansion plans are currently underway.



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