Our Hummingbird
Sometimes people ask us,
"Why the hummingbird in the logo?                               

As many residents know, hummingbirds are a prominent feature of the natural landscape that makes West Feliciana Parish a unique and beautiful area of Louisiana. When 19th century naturalist John James Audubon lived here and created some of his most famous paintings, the ruby-throated hummingbird was one of his favorites. In fact, a print of the famous painting hangs in many local homes. The area's indigenous plant life provides and excellent habitat for hummingbirds., which are so plentiful that St. Francisville celebrates them with it's annual Hummingbird Celebration each fall. 

In addition to our obvious ties to the region, we chose to incorporate the hummingbird into our logo because it reflects many of West Feliciana Parish Hospital's qualities: small but strong for it's size, unique, versatile, interesting, industrious, nimble and agile. The logo color and additional design elements showcase the landscape and the natural beauty of the Felicianas. The logo also will be featured prominently in the new hospital building. We are proud to serve our community and always strive to live up to the qualities of our little hummingbird.


The humming bird logo in the glass window at the new hospital currently being built, is made up of tiny hummingbirds to complete the final large bird.



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